Craig Bite Bucket


The 4-in-1 Bite Bucket is a versatile tool combining all the best aspects of a standard dig bucket, clam grapple, ditch bucket and chuck blade. With this one attachment you can minimize the need for additional machines on the job site. Dig like a standard bucket, move materials securely, grade the finished piece with the straight cutting edge, skim ground cover with the serrated reverse clam edge or securely grab a piece of I-beam to smooth large areas all at once. This bucket is also great for accurately spreading aggregate into trenches by using the bucket as a belly dump.

  • Superior Brinell 400 steel is used in all wear areas
  • Available in Wedge Lock, S Series or Manual Bar Lock lugging
  • Various ground engaging tools available to meet your specifications
  • Pin-on hook-ups are align bored to OEM tolerances