300SS Postless Wing


Designed for maximum operator visibility and safety, the Craig Severe Service Postless Wing Assembly is the ultimate in grader snow removal gear for the harshest winter conditions. Featuring a super duty push pole design and open back wing moldboard with torque tube construction, the 300SS is designed to spec for the western Canadian market. Available in three pitch adjustment configurations – non-adjustable, manually adjustable, and hydraulically adjustable.

  • Available with a 12 or 13 foot moldboard
  • Hydraulic push pole adds up to 31-3/4″ (standard) of increased reach
  • Mechanical floating front slide allows constant road contact
  • Excellent operator visibility
  • Provides excellent flow from grader moldboard
  • Fully hydraulic design (no cables)
  • 29″ adjustable bench height
  • Pre-tensioned push pole spring for added stability