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Craig Quik Loc Couplers Receive an Upgrade

The second generation of the Craig Quik Loc Excavator Pin Grabber is here. Powered by Cascade, the Gen. 2 version features the same great design of the Gen. 1, but with a few additional features for better functionality and safety.

A true multi-pin design, the Gen. 2 Craig Quik Loc can be coupled in both forward and reverse orientations for maximum versatility. The lightweight and low-profile design allows your excavator to maintain better attachment capacity over other pin grabber style couplers.

Featuring a quick locking safety knuckle and wedge, the Gen. 2 Craig Quik Loc maintains the ability to secure your attachment instantly for improved job site safety – no unsecured attachments in couplers during the coupling process. The locking wedge self-shims as it wears so you have peace of mind that your attachment is always secured tightly.

Safety is always a top priority around any job site. The Gen. 2 Craig Quik Loc comes complete with visual safety indicators that allow the operator to easily see if the coupler is fully engaged. The quick locking knuckle is highly visible from the cab due to its bright color. The wedge is integrated with a hydraulic visual indicator that is also easily visible from cab. This indicator is made up of common components easily sourced from most hydraulic component suppliers should it ever fail.

Installation of the Gen. 2 Craig Quik Loc requires a three-line hydraulic kit exclusively from Craig. This kit allows the coupler to be easily removed on the ground with no need to lift the coupler into the air. Optional two-line kit available, however, the operator will lose the ability to disengage the coupler while the attachment is on the ground.

To learn more about the Gen. 2 Quik Loc Coupler visit the product page or call the Craig Customer Support Center at 1-800-565-5007 today!

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