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Excavator Thumb Application Guide

Excavator thumbs require an extensive amount of engineering to get just right. There are many variables at play that could mean the difference between optimal thumb performance or an interference nightmare. There are many factors to account for when designing a thumb that will perform to our customers’ expectations including the excavator coupler, bucket, and stick length. All are very important in determining thumb length, tine spacing, and ensuring optimal thumb rotation can be achieved.

Five types of thumbs available from Craig Manufacturing:

  • Direct Link Thumb
  • Progressive Link Thumb
  • Heavy Direct Link Thumb
  • Universal Pad Mount Thumb
  • Manual Pad Mount Thumb
  • Craig Manufacturing offers five thumb types that are ideal for a variety of jobs. Our most common thumb is the Direct Link Thumb. This thumb shares the stick pin with the bucket and offers up to 120° of rotation from the start to end position. It is ideal for general construction material handling and offers minimal hang down from the excavator stick when not in use. We also offer a heavy duty version of this thumb that is ideal for forestry and road building operations. This thumb features a boxed construction for added rigidity when working in tougher applications.

    Another variant of the Direct Link Thumb is our Progressive Link Thumb. This thumbs features an additional linkage for added maneuverability and up to 180° of rotation from the start to end position. This additional rotation allows the thumb to maintain gripping power through more of the buckets rotation and is ideal for general construction and jobs that require special or tricky placement of materials.

    Our last two thumb offerings are ideal for general construction operations that would benefit from the occasional availability of a thumb. The Craig Universal Pad Mount Thumb is our most popular in this category. Offering a stocked solution to the need of a hydraulic thumb, the Universal Pad Mount Thumb offers up to 137° of rotation from the start to end position and comes equipped with bolt-on extensions. We also offer a manual variant of this thumb that comes with two positions – 90° and 105°. Available with short or long tines to accommodate different coupler types, the Craig Manual Pad Mount Thumb is a simple no-nonsense thumb that is easy to install.

    Download our Thumb Application Guide today for more information. Unsure about which thumb is ideal for your operation? Contact the Craig Customer Support Center at 1-800-565-5007 for in-depth technical support.

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