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Introducing the New WL-301PW

Plowing on a budget this upcoming winter season? Craig Manufacturing has the tools for you! Introducing our new Patrol Wing for wheel loaders. This wing features a similar design to our existing 301 Series Wing with one key difference – no hydraulic extension. This means the wing can be operated with no need for a Craig-supplied auxiliary wing hydraulic kit.

The Craig Patrol Wing features the same components as our standard wing assembly and requires only two auxiliary valve sections on the machine to operate. The only hydraulic components on this wing are the lift cylinders at the front and rear of the wing. Extension is done mechanically and can be secured in place with a simple pin assembly. This set-up offers up to 21” of extension and features a mechanical float mechanism to replace the hydraulic float that is lost in this limited hydraulic set-up.

Combine the Craig Patrol Wing with our new Stryker Plow for the ultimate budget-conscious snow removal package for your wheel loader. Not recommended for regions with heavy snowfall.

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