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Open for Business in Tennessee

Lawrenceburg, TN – Craig Manufacturing is excited to announce that our first U.S. location in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee is officially open! Ground was broken for this facility on October 5th of last year, and just 9 months following that day our production facility is complete.

Some shop set-up details remain to be completed, but we will very soon see the first Craig product to be made in the U.S.A exit the paint booth. There is much still be done as we gradually ramp this facility up to be the production facility we envision it will be. The first group of hires have started and there is more to come. We hope to grow this facility into a production powerhouse for the U.S market.

The welding stations are being set-up for the first made in the U.S.A. Craig products to be built.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this facility a success and leading the way to complete it ahead of schedule. Doss Brothers Inc. played a huge role in this success – and were our first attachment sale in Tennessee ever when they took delivery of a Craig Clean Up Bucket that aided in the site prep of the Craig Manufacturing shop.

We would also like to thank the Lawrenceburg and Ethridge communities as they have welcomed us with open arms. This has been nothing but a positive experience for all Craig staff involved, including our very own Les Harding who made the move from Alberta to Tennessee to oversee the success of this shop. Craig Manufacturing looks forward to building a great partnership with these communities which it is situated in, as it does with all of its facility’s locations.

A modern office for a modern company ready to make waves! We look forward to seeing these seats filled.

This is an exciting milestone for Craig Manufacturing as we continue to grow as a company in North America. 70+ years ago Craig Manufacturing was a humble service station and machine shop located in the town of Hartland, New Brunswick. Now we stand strong with 4 facilities across North America and no plans of stopping yet!

A look up the driveway our staff and visitors will follow.

The back side of the building where attachment inventory will be kept as well loaded on trucks to be delivered across the U.S.A.

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