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The Snow Plow Diverter Valve greatly simplifies attachment installation by taking any standard loader auxiliary function, and splitting it into multiple functions at the push of a button. Plows that typically require 3 separate valve sections can run on machines with only one available circuit. This makes hydraulic install as simple as connecting 2 lines from the attachment’s pre-installed valve to the machine’s auxiliary circuit, and running a wiring harness to the cab. No machine pressure or flow changes required.

  • No auxiliary setting changes required, the valve is capable of 75 GPM and 5,000 PSI
  • No valve installation required, the diverter valve and hosing comes pre-installed on snow plows requiring multiple hydraulic functions1
  • No complicated hard-wiring, the wiring harness plugs directly into the valve and then runs to the control options provided - simply mount the controls in the cab and plug them in
  • Joystick or rocker switch controls available2. Joystick attaches directly to the top of most auxiliary handles, switch option fits a standard blank slot
  • For use in snow plow applications only
  • 1. Jumper lines to auxiliary not included
  • 2. Patrol Wing emergency up capability requires an additional switch

The Craig Stryker Plow is designed for small to medium wheel loaders up to a 3.5 yard bucket capacity. This standardized plowing solution comes equipped with our Vertical Down Pressure Float system and is available with a trip edge only. The Vertical Down Pressure Float system allows the plow to float and oscillate with the contours of the road as well as offers the ability to lock-out the floating capability for scraping packed snow or ice.

  • Heavy duty, proven Craig two piece trip edge
  • Replaceable steel cutting edges - drilled to accept Craig, Cat, and A.A.S.H.O. edges
  • Available in Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler, and pin-on configurations
  • Available in 10 and 12 foot widths
  • Weighs 2,400 - 2,600 lbs
  • 42" tall moldboard with 3/16" thick moldboard sheet
  • Available painted black only
  • Drilled to accept customer supplied curb shoes and plow markers
  • Jumper hose ready to operate hydraulic angling function (jumper hoses not included)
  • No additional options available

The lightning fast Hydraulic Wing Gate allows the operator to momentarily interrupt the windrow from the wing. Great for plowing near parking lot entryways and doorways or for keeping homeowner’s driveways clear when plowing residential streets. The quick action of this option allows the operator to maintain full operating speed when engaging the Hydraulic Wing Gate.

  • Standard cushion head double acting cylinder
  • Features rugged light weight boxed construction
  • Requires additional valve on machine
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