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In business since 1946, Craig Manufacturing is an innovative leader in custom heavy equipment attachment manufacturing.

The engineering team at Craig Manufacturing are seasoned veterans when it comes to designing attachments that maximize the effectiveness of the machines they work on. Our engineers work closely with end users to ensure our custom attachments meet their needs. As part of this process we provide clear 3-D drawings so you have the peace of mind that the attachment you get will meet your unique needs.


  • The Craig engineering team has over 100 years of collective experience
  • Craig engineers do load testing to ensure your custom attachment is of the highest quality
  • The engineering team works closely with our sales team to ensure customers specifications are fulfilled

Craig Manufacturing is the one stop shop for your custom heavy equipment attachment needs. From the design to the install – we’ve got you covered! The production process at Craig is more streamlined than ever. With a constant emphasis on lean manufacturing and maintaining a linear flow in production. Craig is constantly improving our process to increase production capacity and get your custom attachment solution to you faster!

Once your attachment order has been placed through our sales department, your design specs get passed to our engineering department and the design process begins. Craig uses 3-D modeling software and Finite Element Analysis to prepare a 3-D design of your attachment. This model is then sent to you so you can view your attachment in 3-D and approve the design.

After approval, the attachment is ready to be sent to the shop floor! The required parts are nested and cut on our 125′ plasma tables. All parts requiring machining and bending are created in our fabrication department. Then all the necessary pieces converge in the middle of our shop.

From the middle of our shop – where our 26 ergonomic welding bays are located – the pieces get assigned to a fitter.

From the fitter the attachment is passed down to a welder for completion who then moves the attachment to a holding area at the end of the row where it will be picked up for align boring if required.

Once any necessary align boring is completed the piece is moved onto assembly – where any necessary parts such as bolt-on edges and teeth are attached – and the product is inspected for defects. When it passes quality control it gets moved to the wash bay where it is cleaned and prepped for paint.

Moving into the paint bay, the attachment is primed and painted to the customers specifications and moved into our drying area for 24 hours. Finally the finishing touches are added – such as painting on logos, applying necessary stickers and serial tags as well as hosing up hydraulics.

The Craig Blueberry Bucket is the perfect example of how Craig works with you to make a custom solution to meet your special needs.

In the early 90′s Craig sold a Land Clearing Rake to Cherry Field Foods in Cherry Field, Maine. They saw some potential in this product and modified it for a different purpose than what we had ever intended it for. Our engineering team made many field trips to their facility. During these visits modification information was gathered and the customers suggestions were incorporated into the design.

The Craig Blueberry Bucket was introduced in the mid-90′s. Designed to prepare blueberry fields with rough topography. This is done by removing large rocks that would otherwise disrupt the mechanical harvesting method. The buckets long smooth bottom allows the bucket to get under large rocks without disturbing much soil. Once the rock is removed the bucket can then be used to smooth the affected area. This product has helped pioneer easy mechanical harvesting in blueberry fields all over the north east USA.

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