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The Craig Scooptram Ejector bucket is designed to allow for easy loading and unloading of material in underground mining applications where being able to work in confined spaces is crucial. The bucket ejects material by hydraulically pushing the floor of the bucket outwards, eliminating the need to raise the bucket up to dump it.

  • High visibility, corrosion resistant paint and primer available
  • Ejector style floor pushes out via two hydraulic cylinders

The Craig Folding Wing Plow is designed to be the ultimate multi-function snow fighting tool. The adjustable end gates allow it to be used as a reversible plow, box plow, and back dragging plow. Available for backhoes and medium sized wheel loaders with a bucket capacity ranging from 2.00yd to 3.50yd. Machine will require an auxiliary valve to operate the plow. Electric over hydraulic diverter valve and in-cab controls included.

  • Trip edge only
  • Replaceable, reversible cutting edges
  • Available in Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler, and pin-on configurations
  • Available in 10 and 12 foot widths
  • Patented hydraulic tire protection system
  • 3 and 6 foot end gates available
  • Optional trip edge end gates available

The result of over 70 years of design improvements, this reversible is the industry leader in snow equipment for wheel loaders today. The full floating frame follows the contour of the road both laterally and horizontally to ensure maximum contact.

  • Full down pressure capability standard
  • Trip moldboard standard, trip edge available
  • Replaceable wear shoes and cutting edge for long wear life
  • Available in Craig Quik key, OEM couplers and Pin-on configurations
  • Optional third valve required on machine

The Craig 1072 Series plows are the next generation of rugged one way Craig blades built for today’s high speed machines. This plow is the modern version of the long heralded 670 Series and remains true to that plow’s history of trouble-free operation and structural integrity. Equipped with a solid push frame and triangular trip mechanism this plow is ideal for heavy public works use. With factory equipped manual moldboard pitch and wear shoe adjustment it’s easy to get the perfect operating setup for your application.

The 1072 Series of plows meet all tender specifications previously reserved for the Craig 670 series.

  • 11° moldboard ‘angle of attack’ adjustment
  • 37° moldboard angle to road (by direction of travel)
  • 2 bolt manual shoe adjustment
  • High wear hardened steel plate wear shoes
  • Heavy duty triangular trip mechanism

In the mid 50′s Craig Manufacturing was the first company to put a wing assembly on a wheel loader. Ever since this historic event we’ve continued to innovate and refine our industry leading design. The perfect curvature of our wing moldboard is still based on the magic formula for snow curl and discharge we’ve used since day one.

  • 48" level benching height
  • Push pole extends 22" for increased reach
  • Superior operator visibility
  • Plow harness accepts all Craig snow plow models
  • Replaceable, reversible cutting edge for long wear life

Featuring a very aggressive conical moldboard, this plow has been designed specifically for highway use. The large difference between intake and discharge heights results in superior snow curl and discharge at high speeds.

  • Features a unique trip that jumps up and back to clear obstacles
  • Rubber snow deflector standard
  • Replaceable, adjustable wear shoes and cutting edge for long wear life
  • Optional hydraulic adjustable pitch available
  • Available in Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler, Push Pole and Pin-on configurations

This dozer blade’s wide cylinder stance provides maximum hold and strength while dozing. The cutting edge is gusseted between each mounting hole and a smooth boxed back frame keeps the moldboard light and strong.

  • Skid shoes available to save wear on cutting edge
  • Drilled to accept dealer specified ground engaging tools
  • Cushion relief valve standard
  • Available in Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler and Pin-on configurations
  • Optional third valve required on machine

Specially designed for salvage and recycling yard applications, this extra long fork is ideal for moving and sorting cars and light trucks. Custom sizes available upon request, call for details.

  • Available in various fork lengths and thicknesses
  • Optional back-drag leveling edge available upon request
  • Tines are made from superior quenched and tempered steel
  • Available in Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler and Pin-on configurations

Designed for clearing leaves, brush, and other light materials, the Craig Boxer Bucket opens to collect a wide path of material and then closes for easy gathering of the material. The material can then be easily dumped into a truck, bin, or hopper by opening the Boxer Bucket over the truck or storage location.

  • Bolt-on reversible cutting edge ensures long life
  • Modular floating hook-up design
  • Available in Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler and Pin-on configurations
  • Critical wear areas utilize Brinell 400 wear plate
  • Synchronized operation
  • Serrated closure for improved grabbing capability
  • Optional brush guard available
  • Optional visibility kit available

Perfect for working in hard to reach areas, the Craig Gravel Scoop allows the operator to place loose material with precision – meaning less material lost.

  • Available in Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler and Pin-on configurations
  • Available in various widths and lengths
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