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The result of over 70 years of design improvements, this reversible is the industry leader in snow equipment for backhoes today. The full floating frame follows the contour of the road both laterally and horizontally to ensure maximum contact.

  • Trip moldboard standard, optional trip edge available
  • Replaceable wear shoes and cutting edge
  • Available in Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler and Pin-on configurations
  • Available in 10, 11 and 12 foot widths
  • Rugged 3″ cylinders
  • Standard cushion valve provides additional protection

Clear large paved surfaces up to three times faster with one of our rugged Snow Pushers. Our design incorporates a precision back frame for maximum strength and ease of hook-up.

  • Available in either slip-on, Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler and Pin-on configurations
  • Various optional edge configurations available – carbide, rubber, etc.
  • Optional trip edge available
  • Optional down pressure float available
  • Can be ordered in a wide range of widths upon request
  • An industry leader. Designed and developed in Canada for heavy snow conditions

Slotted design creates a large capacity, light weight bucket for efficient handling. The slots also allow air to escape when pushing into a large mound of snow ensuring a full bucket. They help release snow when dumping, and allow water to escape when moving slushy or water-logged snow.

  • Double the capacity of your loader
  • Bolt-on reversible cutting edge ensures long life
  • Available in Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler and Pin-on configurations

The Craig Folding Wing Plow is designed to be the ultimate multi-function snow fighting tool. The adjustable end gates allow it to be used as a reversible plow, box plow, and back dragging plow. Available for backhoes and medium sized wheel loaders with a bucket capacity ranging from 2.00yd to 3.50yd. Machine will require an auxiliary valve to operate the plow. Electric over hydraulic diverter valve and in-cab controls included.

  • Trip edge only
  • Replaceable, reversible cutting edges
  • Available in Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler, and pin-on configurations
  • Available in 10 and 12 foot widths
  • Patented hydraulic tire protection system
  • 3 and 6 foot end gates available
  • Optional trip edge end gates available
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