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Donation and Sponsorship Guidelines

Craig receives numerous donation and sponsorship requests from worthy causes each year. Due to the volume of applications that we receive, we must unfortunately decline some requests that may not be consistent with our policy.

Requests can be submitted anytime throughout the year; however the maximum number of contributions awarded to any employee, charity, initiative, event or other sponsorship will not exceed once per year. A request may be refused where Craig has already committed its support to a customer, other employee or business partner for the same cause.

Unfortunately, Craig is not able to support all requests made. However, a denial of request does not signify that a similar request made in the future will also be denied.

Craig may choose to make contributions smaller or larger than initially requested. In cases where contribution is made, Craig may request as a condition that the company’s logo be displayed or some other form of acknowledgment of the contribution be made.

Craig takes great pride in their community and youth. They are strong supporters of charities, benefits and programs that have a positive impact in today’s society.

Preference will be given to:

  • Registered local charities
  • Enhancement opportunities for our youth
  • Programs or events that contribute to community growth

Craig generally does not fund:

  • Adult recreational activities
  • Charities operating outside of North America

Request Form

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